You’ve found your perfect property to be your forever home viewscape – And, what’s more, it’s yours! Now it’s really time to figure out the details of your forever dream home!
Before you meet with a design team, it’s time to sort through all the clippings and pictures you’ve collected of things you like.  And it’s time to spread them across your kitchen table with all the people who will share your forever dream. What do you like? What do you want to change? What are the must haves? What do you want to avoid?
When you imagine yourself walking in to your dream home, what do you see? What room are you in? Where does your hand go to turn the light on? Are the lights on auto-sensors? When you look back through the door you entered, what does your imaginary tour see?
You will want to tour your entire home, room by room, in your imagination. And when you think you know your floor plan, it’s time for the design team to help you translate that imagination to a blueprint. A good place to start to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything are in floor plans that are already available.
These are plans that architects, builders and homeowners know have features that make the house into a forever home. Sometimes you get lucky and spot the absolute perfect match to your ideas. Usually, the design team will make modifications based on the land, your ideas and will sometimes combine features from several plans.
But the best of all plans start with you. This is, after-all, your forever home.