Learn More About Wilkinson Contracting
Richard Wilkinson has been building conventional, hybrid, log and timber homes in Tennessee and surrounding states for more than two decades.
Recognizing that a home is both the single largest investment most people will ever make and the single biggest adventure families will undertake with each other, Richard brings his construction experience and understanding of building techniques and materials to every project.
Homeowners need to be assured that their contractor has the knowledge to navigate them though the decision-making process as well as the the experience to make execution of the project a success.
Richard Wilkinson’s open communication with his clients makes this easy. It’s his goal to ensure that a homeowner’s funds are used wisely and that the building project is completed in an efficient and timely manner.


Whether it is an plan for a large country estate with a home and multiple buildings or a single-family residence in a suburban or urban setting, each decision about floor plans, building materials and interior design impacts the building’s appearance, cost, durability and market value as an investment.

Renovation and Restoration

Large scale renovation or restoration of an existing structure are among the services Wilkinson Contracting offers. This can range from adaptive reuse of an historic property to rebuilding a damaged home or business following a natural disaster.


Richard’s experience includes constructing commercial structures like offices, lodges, shops, event venues and resorts.


Richard’s years in the building industry have enabled him to develop relationships with the best sources for specialty materials like logs, timbers, SIP (structural insulated panels) and stains and finishes as well as conventional building materials. He also has access to interior designers experienced in bringing an interior vision to life.