Frame Construction

Traditional Building

Traditional Frame Construction Remains a Solid Option


Whether you are dreaming a little dream of a comfortable new home or a large family compound, Wilkinson Contracting is ready to work with you to make the concept become your real home.
While we build homes every day, we also recognize that this may be for you and your family the biggest adventure of a lifetime. Our goal is to maintain honest and open communications throughout your entire experience with us so in the end you’ll have the home of your dreams.
Custom homes built with traditional framing techniques with framing lumber and rebar reinforced concrete block foundations and poured slabs account for the majority of homes built by Wilkinson Contracting. While it may be traditional framing, the end result of these homes have been anything but.

We are pleased to say we’ve helped a lot of happy homeowners realize their dream of acustom homes over the past two decades. 

Involving us early in the planning process can help identify areas of cost saving or help you maximize the way in which you will use the land on which you are building. Whether it is as major as the home’s orientation on the property or the amount of grading that may be necessary or the way in which utilities might be constructed for the home, these early decisions can make a very large difference in how your home will ultimately look.

There are many ways in which Wilkinson Contracting works with homeowners to incorporate design elements that improve the flow of the home, the look and feel and to incorporate today’s building products that provide a cost benefit over time (such as tankless water heaters and smart lighting features). 
All homes begin with a stack of photos of homes you have seen that you love or doodles on napkins or thoughts about what you wish were different about the home you live in now. Those plans, with help from a talented architect or design team, become the blueprints that launch our work.

Traditional framing allows for absolutely any exterior finish from rock, to brick to siding, to homes that incorporate combinations of exterior finishes.


During a virtual walk through in the design and planning phase we make sure that even the smallest details are considered, like where a light switch should be as you imagine yourself entering a room. The time spent verifying your plans will save you the costs of making those changes after wiring has begun.


We’ll create luxurious contemporary living spaces that maximize space and incorporate the needs and desires of your individual lifestyle.