Experience the Beauty of a Log Home

The home shown on the above is an example of a Wilkinson project once featured in a magazine. Read it here.

How do you want your home to look?

Your home may be created from D-logs, square logs or round logs. It may be chinked or not. The corners can be dovetailed, butt-and-pass or Swedish cope. It can be stained/sealed with a color or tent or sealed in the natural color of the wood.

The roof can be of trusses or can be a heavy timber system with exposed beams and tongue-and-groove.

With Richard’s experience in building custom manufactured log homes, these choices will be clear, and your home will soon be underway.


There are many design, material and finish choices.

Almost any materials you can imagine can be incorporated into your log home. Just ask Richard during the planning and design stage.


Richard Wilkinson has an extensive background in all aspects helping homeowners design and build the custom log home or log cabin they’ve dreamed of.

His relationship with a variety of log home manufacturers ensures you will have the ideal plan and the quality materials you need.

Richard will walk you through all the steps from selecting a plan to choosing log, corner and roof styles to constructing the home. You can bring your own plan or Richard will help you find the right designer. 

Log Home Restoration and Renovation

If you have an existing log home you want to expand, Richard will help you accomplish this.

He will work hard to make your addition blend seamlessly into your exsiting structure, whether your addition uses logs, SIP, timber frame or traditional construcgtion methods.

If you are the proud owner of an historic log home that needs restoration and perhaps an expansion, Richard can help with that, too. 

Don’t dismiss the chance to live in a beautiful, cozy and durable log home just because other contractors may be afraid to tackle the building process. We are completely prepared for addressing your needs.

Vintage log cabins can be restored, expanded and preserved for use as a modern home.

11 Reasons You Are Right To Want a Log Home


 Courtesy of the Log and Timber Home Council, NAHB.


1) Trees Grow Back

When a home is made from solid logs, you are effectively taking the carbon contained in those logs out of environmental circulation over the entire life of the home. Eastern White Pine, which is used in the manufacturing of many log homes, is a major species for reforestation, making it a plentiful and renewable resource.

2) They Last a LONG Time

If there’s any question about the durability of log and timber structures, some still in use today in Europe and Russia have been standing almost a millennium.

3) They’re Not Scared of Mother Nature

The log and timber home industry has countless stories of these homes surviving the worst Mother Nature deliver. 

4) They’re a Natural Fit

Since this organic building material comes from nature, the resulting structures blend into the topography, naturally integrating right into the landscape rather than being awkwardly imposed onto it.

5) You’re in Your Home Faster

If you choose to use a precut and pre-drilled log system or a handcrafted home, the shell of your home can be framed on site faster than conventional stick framing, which will reduce the likelihood of weather-related damages or mold and mildew issues. With the right crew, like Wilkinson Contracting, and building system, it can be weather-tight in as little as two weeks for an average sized home. In conventional construction, your home is exposed to the elements for far longer, which could lead to mold issues within framing of the home where it can thrive undetected for years.

7) You Can Relax

Log homes are often quieter than stick built homes, thanks to the same thermal mass that provides energy efficiency and the sound deadening effects of wood walls.

6) Wood is Warm and Energy Efficient

The thermal mass of logs helps keep inside temperatures of homes comfortable in all seasons, allowing log walls to collect and store energy, then radiate it back into the home. Provided the home is sealed properly, you can have a super energy efficient home, saving 15 to 20 percent more energy efficient than a conventional home over a lifetime.

8) Little Things Matter

Hanging a picture in a home with drywall is a big ordeal, involving a stud finder, a hammer or drill and bruised fingers. Homeowners report the simplicity of hanging a picture is one the simple joys of living in a log and timber home.

9) You Can Have Rustic and High Tech

While rugged is appealing, roughing it is not. That’s why today’s log and timber homeowners increasingly want a hideaway that’s connected, automated and secure. Many log and timber homeowners are adding backup generators (in case of power outages), a security system and a wiring system that can accommodate high-speed video, voice and data.

10) You Stay Ahead of Problems

If you’re worried about mold, mildew or insect infestation, then a log and timber home offers clear advantages since you’ll be able to see anything untoward just by taking a stroll around your home and visually inspecting the logs. This quick detection leads to a less costly remedy. In contrast to a conventional home, the sealed wall cavities can be a hidden refuge for mold, mildew and insect infestation, which can cause far more damage before it’s detected.

11) The Craftmanship is Obvious

Conventional custom homes can have their fare share of beautiful carpentry, but this is typically limited to trim and millwork. In log and timber homes, examples of fine craftsmanship are at every turn, in the handcrafted staircase with its branch-like spindles and balustrade, in the hand-scribed large timbers overhead in the cathedral ceiling, in the one-of-a-kind light fixtures.