Restoration • Remodeling • Adaptive Reuse
Whether you are renovating a newer home to make it work better for your current needs or a historic home in which you want to preserve as much of the original design and building material as possible, we are ready to work with you to make your dream home a reality.

Why move? Renovate or Remodel

You love your neighborhood. The kids may love their schools.

You may love a lot about your current home, but after living there you begin to realize that you may need more space, more bedrooms, a more functional kitchen.

You may have unused space that could be put to better purpose if only a wall or two moved. You may be wondering what they were thinking when they put the laundry in the basement. You may wish the master bedroom was on the main floor. 

The Reason Does Not Matter

Maybe you need a bathroom that incorporates walk in features. Or maybe you want spa features in the bathroom for that escape from the family. Or it could be that your child is learning to play the drums.

The list is endless of why homeowners look for renovations to their homes. Sometimes it is a small tweak and at other times, the home is going to undergo a complete gutting with new additions to expand the footprint.

Experience Counts

Whatever motivated your desire for a renovation, Wilkinson Contracting is ready to work with you to make the adventure as smooth as possible. 

We have decades of experience in doing renovations working with homeowners who are both living in the home while we work and relocating for what they expect to be a short time.

Expect the Unexpected

We work very closely with homeowners to anticipate design innovations that can make the space more usable and save costs.

We also know that in renovations there will be unexpected surprises along the way.

Our construction experience can help provide alternatives that keep costs as close to the original budget as possible when those unanticipated events happen.