Timber Frame

Ancient method with modern appeal

Timber Frame Construction – Timeless and Versatile

One of the hottest design styles for custom homes is Timber Frame construction. The ancient concept creatively integrates the warmth and charm of wood features with contemporary design elements.

Whether the home is in an urban area or in a pastoral setting in the middle of nature, a Timber Frame home can fit the terrain with its old world charm of a solid wood vertical post and horizontal beam superstructure. Today’s trendy composite materials create a balance leaving the home distinct and contemporary.


Why Choose Timber Frame Construction?


The exterior superstructure of posts and horizontal beams is left exposed on the interior with the walls allowing for stone, plaster, drywall, siding and distinctive architectural components that makes each structure unique on both the exterior and interior.

The combination of material also leaves the home with little routine maintenance for the homeowner.

Wilkinson Contracting is ready to make your plans into the home you have imagined. But if you are just beginning with developing your dream home, we have access to extensive designs and floor plans that can provide a launching place for your ideas.

Our experience in building Timber Frame homes can help with the design of your home to make sure that the materials you are combining will blend with the land you have selected.

The photos on this page show a timber frame home under construction by Wilkinson Contracting. Notice the Douglas fir posts and beams and support structure for the heavy timber roof system.